Vaillant Sealing Gasket - 0020038679

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Vaillant Sealing Gasket - 0020038679

The gaskets are used in lots of different areas within your central heating boiler. They are used to create seals between pipework and other parts within the boiler. Heat exchangers, gas valves and many others parts require orings, washers and gaskets to prevent leaks of gas or water occuring.

This part is present in 127 different boilers in the Vaillant range including the Vaillant ECOmax 828 , ECOmax 824/2 E , ecoTEC PRO (2005-2010), ecoTEC PLUS (2005-2005), ecoTEC PLUS (2005-2010).

Suitable For: 

  • ECOmax 2000 - 2008

  • EcoTEC Plus 612 - 937

  • EcoTEC Pro24 - Pro28

  • Plus Many More

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