Vaillant Printed Circuit Board (PCB) | 130837

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Vaillant Printed Circuit Board (PCB)  130837

The printed circuit board or ( pcb ) is the control centre of the appliance. It controls and monitors every process that occurs via the switches, thermostats and sensors. It also enforces the safety protocols, making sure that the boiler ceases to function if any of the internal readings point to any fault in the boilers processes. The printed circuit board is effectively the brain of your boiler, It is programmed to ensure everything is running as it should.

This Part Fits: 

Vaillant ECOmax PRO 18 E

Vaillant ECOmax PRO 28 E

Vaillant VU 186-O (2003-2010)

Vaillant VU 286-O (2003-2010)

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