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Vaillant Gas Valve


The gas 0020110995 valve is a mechanism used for gas distribution. When there is a need for more gas in the burner, a message is sent from the printed circuit board to the gas valve, which opens and allows gas to flow through the valve in to the pilot assembly or the burner dependant on the type of appliance.

This Part Fits: 

Vaillant ECOmax 618 (2000-2001)

Vaillant ECOmax 618/2 E (2001-2007)

Vaillant ECOmax 824 (1999-2001)

Vaillant ECOmax 824/2 E (2001-2007)

Vaillant ecoTEC PLUS 618

Vaillant ecoTEC PLUS 618

Vaillant ecoTEC PLUS 824

Vaillant ecoTEC PLUS 824

Vaillant ecoTEC PRO 24

Vaillant VU 186/2-C (2001-2007)

Vaillant VU 186/3-5 (2005-2005)

Vaillant VU 186/3-5 R1 (2005-2010)

Vaillant VU 196 E-C (2000-2001)

Vaillant VUW 246 E-C (1999-2001)

Vaillant VUW 246/2-C (2001-2007)

Vaillant VUW 246/3-3 R1 (2006-2010)

Vaillant VUW 246/3-5 (2005-2005)

Vaillant VUW 246/3-5 R1 (2005-2010)

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