Vaillant Advance Boiler Protection Kit | 0010035819 | 22 mm Filter

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Vaillant Advance Boiler Protection Kit  0010035819 | 22 mm Filter

Designed by Vaillant, the new Advance boiler protection kit is more compact, but the 12,000-gauss magnet provides strong magnetite removal capabilities.

Available as a 22mm variant, the filter fits horizontally onto the pipework, meaning it can be fitted into tighter spaces, and is designed to be fitted close to the bottom of the boiler, making it a more discreet solution.

Due to the magnet utilising an existing boiler isolation valve and the low volume of the magnet, the drain off is shorter, meaning less water drainage when removing magnetite out of the filter.

Features & benefits

  • Very small particles are separated and removed

  • No shut-off valves or bypass required

  • Constant low pressure drop

  • Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is not a dirty job compared to a filter solution

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