Vaillant 22mm Filter Boiler Protection Kit - 0020278309

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Vaillant 22mm Filter Boiler Protection Kit  0020278309


The Vaillant Protection Kit is specially designed for Vaillant boilers. The kit includes a high-quality Vaillant metal water filter and a system test kit. The magnetic field booster technology results in fast, optimal dirt separation. Even smallest magnetite particles are removed, maximising system performance as well as protecting costly system components. The design allows the collected dirt to be removed quickly and easily.

  • Proven technology to give reliable central heating system protection

  • Efficient removal of both magnetic and non-magnetic particulates

  • Long working life – guaranteed for the life of the boiler

  • Easy installation and simple maintenance which saves time and money

  • Instant operation as soon as the system is up and running

  • The automatic filtration system protection, helps to cut energy bills

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