Uterm 100 | Central Heating Inhibitor | 1 Ltr

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Uterm 100 | Central Heating Inhibitor

 1 Ltr

Spares Direct has just launched the Uterm 100 central heating Inhibitor which is a continuation of their Uterm range. This Inhibitor is 100 Grade and a 1 Ltr Bottle can cater up to 10 radiators in a single flush. 

Benchmark Approved... BC1845 

Directions of use: 

Treat via a filling kit, a partially drained radiator, Powerflush machine or through the feed and expansion tank. Shake bottle and use entire contents. After treatment, bleed radiators to remove trapped air. 

Product Benefits:

Long term Protection of mixed metal and plastic central heating systems against corrosion and limescale. For use in accordance with BS7593:2019. NSF CIAS approved.

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