SleepSafe 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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SleepSafe 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm

SleepSafe COA10 is an easy to use and reliable self-contained carbon monoxide alarm. An essential product in all domestic environments such as homes, caravans, boats and aircraft. The unit comes with a ten year warranty and has a built-in internal battery.

Should be installed by a competent person and is designed to protect individuals from the acute effects of carbon monoxide exposure. It will not fully safeguard individuals with specific medical conditions however if in doubt it is imperative that a medical practitioner is consulted.

The sealed battery prevents tampering

  • Certified to EN50291-1:2010 and EN50291-2:2010

  • 85dB audible alarm.

  • LED indicator for Normal, Alarm & Fault mode.

  • 10 Year sealed-for-life battery.

  • 10 Year warranty.

  • 3 visual LED readout.

  • Low battery warning.

  • End of detector life warning.

  • Test / Silence function.

  • Alarm memory function.

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