Siemens LMO14 Diagnostics Control Box | LMO14.113C2E

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  • Siemens LMO14.113C2E diagnostics control box
  • Suitable for Bentone burners
  • Tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN 298 
  • Under-voltage detection 
  • Electrical remote reset
  • Bridging contact for oil preheater
  • Timer for oil preheater 
  • Accurate and reproducible control sequence thanks to digital signal handling
  • Controlled intermittent operation after 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Multicolor indication of fault status and operational status messages

This Siemens LMO14.113C2E Control Box (220/240v) fits the Bentone range of Oil Burners/Boilers. LMO control boxes are used to start and control 1 or 2 stage blown burners with intermittent feed.

  • Liquid burners with fans according to EN 267
  • Oil burners of monoblock construction according to EN 230 
  • LMO44 for use with stationary air heaters
  • Under-voltage detection 
  • Possibility of remote electric restart 
  • Shunt contact for fuel oil heater
  • Time control for the oil heater 

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