Satronic Control Box | DKO970

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Satronic Control Box | DKO970 

The Satronic Control Box DKO 970 Mod. 21 has a protected, fire-resistant, transparent body.

The microprocessor-based programming sequence ensures stable timings independent of voltage variations, ambient temperature and/or switch-on cycles. There is continuous monitoring of the box, this allows us to see the cause of a lockout. The cause of the lockout is stored so that it can be retrieved even after a power failure.

The control box is designed so that if the mains voltage drops below the permitted level the operation is stopped and the control box prevents the start sequence from being repeated. In this way, the safety of the system is not put at risk by a drop in the mains voltage. This low-voltage protection works not only during start-up but also during operation.

DKO 970 is compatible with TF 801 TF 801.2,TF 830, TF 830.2.

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