Kane WPCP2 Link Wireless Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe (x2)

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Kane WPCP2 Link Wireless Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe (x2)

The Kane WPCP2 Wireless Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes are supplied as a pair and compatible with all Kane Link enabled Flue Gas Analysers such as the 458s, 958 & 988. Utilise these probes to see real time results on your Analyser or save and send results to your printer & smartphone. With Instant On technology, the compact WPCP2 Probes are suitable for tight spaces, can measure up to 80˚C and have a range of 150m (50ft).

Wirelessly measure and display system temperatures including:

  • Central Heating flow & return

  • Boiler commissioning temperature tests

  • Monobloc heat pumps

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