KANE-TCAM Thermal Imaging Camera

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KANE-TCAM Thermal Imaging Camera

The KANE-TCAM Thermal Imaging Camera is purpose built for accurate, fast and reliable temperature measurements. Compact and lightweight, this IR camera has a temperature measurement range of -20°C to 300°C, an accuracy of ±2°C/±2% and a thermal sensitivity of 0.07°C. Boasting intuitive point & shoot technology, the KANE-TCAM features an infrared image resolution of 220 × 160, a visible resolution of 35200 pixels and an LCD resolution of 320 × 240.

This entry level KANE-TCAM IR Camera includes a field angle of 35° × 26° and a 9Hz frame rate for thermal images. With a fixed focus mode and emissivity adjustable from 0.01 to 1.00, the large LCD colour display of the KANE-TCAM Thermal Camera includes 4 surface measurement modes. These modes are designed to greatly improve speed and ease of finding difficult to spot problems, the four modes incorporated are for:

  • Coarse surfaces

  • Semi-matte surfaces

  • Semi-shiny surfaces

  • Shiny surfaces

Store up to 20,000 images within the internal memory of the KANE-TCAM Thermal Imaging Camera, which can easily extracted through a USB port. In addition to 3GB SD card data storage the TCAM is powered by a rechargeable battery providing 2-3 hours of continuous use in normal operation. For additional contrast between high & low temperatures five colour palettes are built-in; Rainbow, Iron Oxide Red, Cold Colour, White Heat & Black Heat.

The KANE-TCAM Thermal Camera is ideal for a wide array of tasks & industries:

  • Plumbing & Heating

  • Radiators & underfloor heating

  • Energy auditing or water damage

  • Automotive issues

  • Heated seats & windows

  • High resistance in wiring

  • Overheating wiring or components

Central heating systems or water tanks can suffer from invisible leaks, this thermal camera can confirm any cold spots indicating malfunctions such as water loss. The KANE-TCAM can highlight old system inefficiencies, display the variable heat distribution in individual rooms or show the effectiveness of underfloor heating and insulation. For automotive concerns, this handheld tool can detect issues with heated car seats and heated screens, check effectiveness of vehicle exhausts, catalytic convertors and identity a potential engine misfire. With the KANE-TCAM users can even spot an issues with vehicle brakes before overheating occurs.

Key Features

  • Handheld thermal imaging camera

  • Entry-level affordable device

  • Accurate and swift measurements

  • Temperature range between -20°C to 300°C (-4°F to 572°F)

  • With a thermal accuracy of ±2°C/±2%

  • Includes thermal sensitivity of 0.07°C

  • Ideal for a vast array of tasks within multiple industries

  • Point and shoot technology

  • Features four different surface modes

  • Field angle of 35°×26°

  • 9Hz thermal image frame rate

  • IR resolution of 220 × 160

  • Visible resolution of 35200 pixels

  • LCD resolution of 320 × 240

  • Compact ergonomic device

  • Large coloured LCD screen built-in

  • Five colour palettes featured

  • 3GB SD card data storage included

  • Store up to 20,000 images

  • USB connection available

  • Powered by rechargeable battery

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