Kane 458s Link Flue Gas Analyser Pro Kit

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Kane 458s Link Flue Gas Analyser Pro Kit

The Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser Pro Kit measures a broad collection of variables relevant to combustion including carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in flues, carbon dioxide (CO2) content in flues, ambient CO build-up, differential pressure and differential temperature. With this tool operators can use the flue gas analyser to calculate various aspects of combustion such as CO/CO2 ratio, oxygen content, excess air and efficiency as well as tightness and let by. The 458s with included wireless connectivity is hydrogen (H2) ready (up to 20% blend) with a fully upgradeable sensor. 

Operators can calculate NO, NO2, S02 and high range CO with the addition of an optional sensor.An innovative purge pump system ensures that the Kane 458s Flue Gas Analysers' CO sensor is protected from over rang. The expertly deployed CO measurement function in the available automatic boiler commissioning test sequence enables the user to certify new boilers according to the requirements of Technical Bulletin 143. The large screen of the gas analyser with six-lines of text displayed shows multiple test parameters concurrently, the instrument can also produce instant hard copies of results by communicating wirelessly with the included Kane IRP-2 Infrared Printer producing instant hard copies of results.The Kane 458s Pro Kit features several other useful accessories and is compatible with a range of different fuels. A KAL1 air liquid temperature probe and a GLD/450plus gas leak detector can detect combustible gases and other fluids, concentrations as small as 50ppm can be detected. Two KPCP clamp-on temperature probes allows the user to take flow and return temperature readings. The analyser and all supplied accessories can be stored in the provided carry bag provided.With the Kane 458s a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty is included on the condition of regular calibration by Kane themselves.

Details of all the different kit options are available below.

Kane Link

Future proof your flue gas analyser with the incredible Kane Link feature, available as standard on all Kane 458s, 958 & 988 analysers. As you take on bigger and bolder jobs, remain safe in the knowledge your Kane Flue Gas Analyser can handle whatever comes along. Even with the implementation of advanced systems such as Ground Source Heat Pumps and Hydrogen Boilers across the UK, thanks to Kane Link your Flue Gas Analyser will never be left behind.Wirelessly connect any compatible Kane product which also features Kane Link, allowing you and your analyser to easily balance heating systems, check A/C units or kitchen fans, test rooms for CO and so much more. With Kane Link you're free to gather all information on the same device, your personal Kane Flue Gas Analyser. Kane Link enabled instruments currently include:

  • Kane-WPCP2 Wirelss Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes
  • Kane-DTHA2 Wireless Airflow, Temperature & Humidity Adaptor
  • Kane 79 Wireless Ambient Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor

These Kane Link enabled analysers are not only built for harsh on-site conditions, should damage occur they are eligible for the amazing after care provided directly from Kane.

Kane Live & Printer Apps

The Kane Live App is compatible with Android Devices and free from the Play Store. This multilingual App includes several extremely useful features beneficial for anyone with a Flue Gas Analyser. See your test results live on your smart device and even tag them with real-time GPS data & printouts all while still physically on site. Printouts can be shared along with downloaded analyser logs as CSV files, with analyser user details amendable within the App itself.The Kane Printer App is compatible with Android/iOS and is free from both the Play & App Store. With this app users can quickly connect to their analyser and view test results before emailing them to their contacts. Log each test location via GPS then save printouts to edit before transfer. Fully customise personal notes even in poor lighting conditions as a useful NightMode is incorporated within the app.

Kane Care

5 Year Service Plan (Option)

With KANE’s 5 Year Service Plan, you can be assured that the first 4 service and recalibration are taken care of providing you with 5 years of cover for your new analyser with no further costs to worry about.By selecting this option, not only will you save over £100 on recalibration costs, but you will also benefit from the following:

  • No additional service and calibration costs for the first 5 years
  • Free collection and delivery options for annual service and recalibration
  • SAME DAY service and recalibration
  • No quibble repairs and no hidden costs
  • Theft protection – in the unfortunate event that your analyser is stolen, KANE will replace it for FREE!

Complete peace of mind for less than 22p per day.Simply check the box ‘Add KANE 5 Year Service Plan’ when you place your order, and your new analyser with ship with a 5 year service pack.

After Sales Support

This product also qualifies for Kane Care after sales support, guaranteeing you a 10 year 'No Quibble' warranty for your annual service, same day service & recertification and free tracked, next day delivery to Kane with returns.All Kane Flue Gas Analysers come with the after sales support as standard.For more information, please visit Kane.co.uk.

Key Features

  • Carbon monoxide measurement 0 to 20%
  • Carbon dioxide measurement 0 to 2000ppm
  • Kane IRP-2 infrared printer included
  • KAL1 air liquid temperature probe included
  • GLD/450plus gas leak detector included
  • Two KPCP clamp-on temperature probes included
  • Analyser has built-in wireless communication
  • Measures differential pressure and temperature
  • Hydrogen ready (H2 up to 20% blend)
  • Calculate CO/CO2 ratio
  • Calculate oxygen content
  • Calculate excess air
  • Efficiency calculation
  • Let by/tightness testing
  • Automatic commissioning test sequence for boilers
  • Purge pump system protects CO sensor from over range
  • Suitable for wide variety of fuels
  • Carry bag provided
  • Kane 10 Year Warranty

Kane part number: 458S Pro Kit


  Standalone Analyser Standard Kit PRO Kit CPA1 Kit Oil Kit
Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser
Wireless Connectivity
Pressure Connectors
CO Sensor Purge Pump Protection
KANE IRP-2 Infra-red printer -
Air/liquid temperature probe - - -
GLD450 Plus Gas Leak Detector - - -
Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes - - 2 2 -
Pressure connection hose - - -
ASP2 Appliance Sampling Probe Kit - - - -
Oil pressure test set - - - -
Calibration Report
Carry Case -

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