Ideal Logic Service Pack - 175591 | 175593 | 175954 | 175572

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Ideal Logic Service Pack 
175591 | 175593 | 175954 | 175572

This pack includes the following items : 


1 x Electrode - 175591

1 x Ignitor unit - 175593

1 x Sump Clean out cover - 175954

1 x Burner Gasket - 175572


Ideal Ignition Electrode Kit | 175591

There are two types of electrode. 1) An Ignition electrodes & 2) A flame sensing electrode. The Ignition electrode creates the spark that starts the flame within the burner. The flame sensing electrode, monitors if there is a flame present in the burner. This is an important safety device, to ensure that the boiler is supply gas without a flame. This part is suitable for a range of Ideal Boilers including, Ideal Logic & Logic+ Heat Only, System & Combi, Esprit Eco, I-Mini & Independent

  • Includes small shaped gasket
  • includes 2 screws


Ideal Ignitor Unit | 175593

An Ideal ignitor unit for the spark generator section. A spark generator and spark electrode are part of a boiler's pilot assembly, used when generating a spark to ignite the pilot burner

  • Supplier Part Number 175593
  • Suitable for Ideal Logic, Logic+, Evomax, Esprit & i-Mini Boilers
  • Fits a large number of Ideal Boilers


Ideal sump clean out cover & gasket 175954

This Ideal sump clean out cover is suitable for use in the condensing heat exchanger in Ideal boilers:

- Classic
- Esprit
- Exclusive
- Independent
- Logic
- Logic+
- Procombi
- Atlantic
- I-mini
- Instinct
- iCombi
- Keston Combi
- Keston System
- Keston C boilers


Ideal Gasket Burner 175572

Applicable to:- Ideal Logic & Logic+ Heat Only, System & Combi, Esprit Eco, I-Mini & Independent as well as Procombi Exclusive

  • Fits a Large number of Ideal boilers



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