Honeywell Mini Pack | 2 x V4043H Valves | 1 x ST9400C Programmer

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Honeywell Mini Pack 

2 x V4043H Valves | 1 x ST9400C Programmer

Honeywell V4043H1056 Motorised Zone Valve (272848)

The V4043 series of 2 port Motorised Valves has a wide range of flow control applications in domestic and light commercial central heating systems. The V4043H normally closed models have end switches for electrical control of pump and/or boiler.

(The V4043B normally open model is particularly applicable to control of solid fuel systems, since it will always fail-safe in the event of a power failure)


– 2 port Motorised Valve

– Normally closed with end switches for electrical control of pump and/or boiler

– Motor open

– Spring return action

– Manual lever for filling & draining the system

– Powerhead replaceable without draining down

– Potential free end switch for electrical control of pump and/or boiler

– Quiet operation, minimal power consumption


– 22mm/28mm or 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ BSP connections (for 28 mm connection see SKU: HW-13-14)


– Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC

– Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EEC

– EC Marking Directive 93/68/EEC

Technical Specifications:

– Supply Voltage: 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz

– Power Consumption: 5W

– Cable Length: 1m

– Fluid Temperature: +5°C to +88°C

– Operating Temperature: 5°C to +50°C

– Flow Direction: As per arrow on valve body

– Auxiliary Switch Rating: 250VAC 4A

– Response Opening: 12 seconds

– Reponse Closing: 5 seconds

– Max. Static Pressure: 8 bar

– Max. Close-off Pressure: 1 bar


ST9400C is a 2 channel programmer, designed for control of both heating and stored hot water in complete systems. The heating and hot water programmes are completely independent, to allow the system to be operated in the most energy efficient manner possible.

This unit is a 7 day full programmer that gives great flexibility offering up to three on/off switchings per day, additionally each day can be programmed differently. Ideal for when the user has different heating needs from day to day. ST9400C can be set to 5/2 day or 1 day programme during installation. ST9400C can also be set as a mini programmer for older gravity circulation stored hot water systems, where there is no interlocking control valve. All ST9400 models incorporate the Line of Text (LoT) display that gives clear plain English instructions whenever any button or slider is used. This means that installers, customers and users can operate all of the controls reliably, without needing to find an instruction manual. ST9400C also features a ‘Holiday’ button allowing the user to switch off their heating for a specified number of days (1 to 99) while they are away from home. The ST9400C complies fully with Building Regulations Part L1 for England & Wales and Part J for Scotland. This model has superceded the ST6400C.

Product Features

  • Lot display

  • Providing text feedback that gives help and programming hints

  • Large backlit display

  • Factory set clock and date

  • Automatic summer/winter 1 hour time change

  • Temporary or permanent override facilities

  • Extra hour facility

  • For up to 3 hours boost or programme extension

  • Choice of 3 different built in programmes

  • Programme indicator lights

  • Fits on industry standard back plate

  • Direct replacement for st6400 models

  • Any programmed settings retained indefinitely in non volatile memory

  • Up to 3 on/off times per day

  • ‘holiday’ button

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