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GLOWWORM 0020152564

Glow-worm ignition electrode kit suitable for CXI, HXI, Xeon, Eden, SXI, Xtramax and British Gas boilers. An ignition (spark) electrode causes the spark that begins combustion within the burner while flame sensing electrodes are responsible for checking if there is a flame present in the burner to make sure that the boiler doesn't keep supplying gas without a flame.

  • Comes with lead, seal and screws

Suitable for : 

  • Glowworm HXI 12

  • Glowworm HXI 15

  • Glowworm HXI 18

  • Glowworm SXI 18

  • Glowworm HXI 24

  • Glowworm HXI 30

  • Glowworm SXI 30

  • Glowworm HXI 38

  • Glowworm CXI 24

  • Glowworm CXI 30

  • Glowworm CXI 38

  • Glowworm Xtramax HE

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