Glow-worm Compact (ErP) Combi Boiler, Horizontal Flue and Power System Filter

Size: 24c (24kw) Boiler with Horizontal Flue & Filter
Sale price£850 GBP


Glow-worm Compact 
Combi Boiler, Horizontal Flue and Power System Filter

The Glow-worm Compact Combi boiler is Glow-worm's brand NEW, ErP boiler. The Compact combi boiler comes with a great range of outputs, attractive modern design and bright easy to use interface.

High quality, combi boiler The Compact combi boiler is built in the UK at Glow-worm's award winning factory in Belper. It uses high quality components designed to last longer and reduce your energy bills. The heat exchanger is also super quiet – you'll hardly hear your boiler when it's on! The size gives it great flexibility to install it in more spaces.

The Compact combi boiler also has a high efficiency modulating pump which lowers your running costs as it adapts to the actual heating and hot water demand.

Features and Benefits

  • ErP A rated combi boiler

  • Compact size allows it to be installed in most places

  • High efficiency – lowers running costs

  • Complete with horizontal flue and power system filter

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