FireHawk 7 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Long-life sealed-in battery)

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FireHawk 7 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Long-life sealed-in battery)

Battery operated carbon monoxide alarm with sealed-in long-life lithium battery

  • Sealed-in Lifetime Lithium Battery

  • Long Life Sensor. Top quality Figaro electro-chemical sensor ensures accuracy and longevity

  • Automatic Sensor Test

  • End of Life Indicator. 3 short beeps every minute indicate end of sensor life

  • Auto Switch Mounting Plate. Power automatically switched on when the alarm is attached to its mounting plate and off when removed.

  • Versatile Mounting System allows the alarm to be fixed to a surface or to be used free-standing making it ideal for holidays

  • CO Alarm Silence Button ideal in non-emergency situations (nuisance alarms)

  • Silence Low Battery Warning for up to 10 hours. Maintains continuous protection during sleeping hours

  • Led indicators for power, alarm and fault

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