EHS Single Phase Electric Combi Boiler | 14Kw | Primus Range

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EHS Single Phase Electric Combi Boiler  14Kw | Primus Range

The EHS Primus C range of electric combi boilers are direct replacements for gas combi boilers used in small flats or dwellings where there is only one bathroom with a shower. There is no need to replace existing pipework or radiators and the boiler can be sited anywhere within the property as it requires no flue.

Single Phase Combi Boiler Features

  • Integrated pump and expansion vessel.

  • Pre-wired for ease of installation.

  • Continuous hot water (flow rates up to 7 l/min on 14.4kw boiler).

  • Zero risk of carbon monoxide emission or gas leak.

  • No flue is required.

  • Stylish touch screen operation.

  • Near silent in operation.

  • Minimal moving parts.

  • Minimal servicing is required.

  • Flexible siting as no flue is required and it’s very compact in size.

  • Ideal for flats.

  • Ability to use Economy 10 and 100% renewable tariff.

  • Can be used with RF or wifi programmable thermostats.

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