Boiler-m8 NeoCal Electrolytic Hard Water Lime Scale Reducer 15mm

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Boiler-m8 NeoCal Electrolytic Hard Water Lime Scale Reducer 15mm


Protect Your Heating System From Harmful Lime Scale Build-Up

Installing the Boiler-m8 NeoCal Electrolytic Lime Scale Inhibitor on cold water lines helps to protect pipework, boilers and hot water using appliances against the damaging effects of hard scale.

Through the safe release of microscopic quantities of zinc, the Boiler-m8 NeoCal scale reducer has a long lasting effect in promoting the transformation of hard scale particles into numerous tiny needle shaped crystals. These altered “hard” crystals are flushed out through the water system.

  • 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

  • No on-going maintenance 

  • 15mm Compression Fittings

  • No chemicals

  • Provides whole house protection if installed after the stoptap

  • Helps to protect your boiler heat-exchanger from harmful lime scale deposits

  • Durable nickel plating

  • WRAs Approved


SKU 150-4000
MPN 150-4000
Manufacturer Part Number 150-4000
Condition New
gtin 5060797370095
Barcode 5060797370095
Manufacturer Boiler-m8

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