Baxi 630 LPG (ErP) Combi Boiler Only

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Baxi 630 LPG (ErP) Combi Boiler Only


The new super compact, super light and easy to operate Baxi 630 LPG combi boiler is part of Baxi's 600 series and is very reliable. Installation and commissioning is fast and simple with no need to remove the front cover. Maintenance is also super easy, thanks to innovative features, including easy access to all major components and modular fan gas air unit.

  • LPG Model

  • Compact cupboard fit

  • Pipes behind facility within boiler casing

  • Easy-Fill permanent filling link makes it easier for householder to top up system

  • Brass hydraulics block

  • OpenTherm interface

  • Compatible with uSense smart control

  • Simple hanging bracket

  • Choice of flue lengths.


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