Ariston Heat Exchanger (Genus, CLAS HE, E-Combi / System) 65104333

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Ariston Heat Exchanger (Genus, CLAS HE, E-Combi / System) 65104333

There are two different kinds of heat exchanger that can be installed, they are the primary heat exchanger and the secondary heat exchanger. The primary is present in almost all boilers and it transfers the heat from the burner to the water within the system. The secondary heat exchanger is only present in combination boilers and allows the heat to be transferred between 2 closed systems.

This part is present in 7 different boilers in the Ariston range including the Ariston GENUS HE , GENUS HE , CLAS HE , CLAS HE , E COMBI 

Brand: Ariston
Model Number: 65104333
Range Type: Domestic Boiler Parts and Accessories
Weight: 938.00000 kg
Supplier Product Code: 65104333
Type: Heat Exchanger

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