Ariston Genus One Net HE 30 Combi Gas Boiler | 30Kw

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Ariston Genus One Net HE 30 Combi Gas Boiler | 30Kw

Comes complete with Cube RF with Receiver, Wall Bracket and Tap Kit, the Genus ONE Net comes with Ariston's latest modulating room sensor. When installed with the Genus ONE Net you can reach achieve A+ energy efficiency on your heating system.

  • Lightweight and easy to install, it is easy to hang this boiler on the wall

  • Strong, durable and lightweight chassis, with no sharp edges

  • Installing accessories is made even more easy thanks to the unique coding system where parts will only fit in the slots of a matching colour

  • Major components are now Ariston branded for complete confidence in quality and peace of mind

  • Large LCD display with touch buttons and stunning fascia

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