Automatic fuel oil de-aerator Flow-Control 3/K | Tiger Loop Replacement

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Automatic fuel oil de-aerator
Flow-Control 3/K | Tiger Loop Replacement 

Automatic fuel oil de-aerator consisting of a diecast zinc housing with female G¼ connection thread at the tank end and male G⅜ connection threads with 60° cone at the burner end for connection of the burner hoses. Plastic or metal de-aerator hood. Flow-Control 3/K features two separate float chambers. The lower float chamber contains the operating float; the upper float chamber contains the safety float. The upper float chamber keeps oil foam from escaping via the vent opening (e.g. during commissioning/filter exchange) and indicates malfunctions of the vent valve. An oil hose with ball-shaped sealing for 60° cone and a G⅜ union nut is supplied for connection to the fuel oil filter. Watertight up to 10 m water column. All Flow-Control versions are TÜV-tested.

Flow-Control 3/K (G¼) with G¼ female thread instead of G⅜ male thread.


  • Trouble-free operation due to automatic de-aeration

  • Dual float safety system keeps oil foam from escaping

  • Increased fuel oil filter service life - the amount of oil drawn from the tank corresponds exactly to the oil actually burnt

  • The suction line can usually have a smaller cross section

  • Materials resistant to biofuel and biodiesel mixtures with max. 20 % FAME

  • PROOFED BARRIER if installed with vent hose

  • Watertight up to 10 m water column - ideal for use in flood hazard areas

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