Wirquin Neo Air Zero Leak Bottle Trap 32mm

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Wirquin Neo Air Zero Leak Bottle Trap 32mm


The Wirquin Neo is a range of basin and sink traps boasting a zero-leak bottle trap. The Wirquin Neo Air system function is an innovative option that replaces the traditional ventapipe air admittance valve, preventing noisy gurgling and bad smells. Thanks to bi-injection technology, all washers are over-moulded onto the body so there can be no loss of washers giving total protection against leaks. Each bottle trap is designed to be quick and easy to fit thanks to the 'quick safe' function, a ¼ turn captive nut that ensures a quick and reliable installation and easy to clean with a simple ¼ turn base.

Product Details

  • Brand: Wirquin

  • Product Code: 30722169

  • Depth of Seal: 80mm

  • Height: 175>235mm

  • Flow Rate in L/mn (under 15mm of water): 55.2 L/mn

  • Innovative Air system function

  • Overmoulded washers

  • Easy to clean

  • No risk of leaks

  • Quick safe function

  • No noise

  • No smell

  • Suitable for both ABS and PP pipes

5 Year Guarantee

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