Bentone BF1 Oil Burner | 27kw | 90BTU

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Bentone BF1 Oil Burner | 27kw | 90BTU


The Bentone BF1 Oil Burner is a compact, robust and reliable burner with an output of 27kW 90BTU.

Made in Sweden, it is used by many of the top boiler manufacturers. It can be used to replace most burners and can be fitted to most boilers.

  • Longer life. The fuel pump is mounted away from the motor and is connected via a drive dog. The advantage of this design is that heat transfer between the motor and the pump is reduced, this results in a longer pump life.

  • Lower costs. The pump is capable of lifting oil from the tank to about 2.5m, so no need for the additional expensive of a deaerator, such as a tiger loop. Uses industry standard components, parts are relatively low cost, and are widely available.

  • Easy to service. Only need to remove one screw to take off the combustion head, which makes it easy to clean out dust and dirt. Also, with the combustion head removed, the fan, electrodes, photocell and nozzle are revealed, which makes servicing relatively simple.

  • A wide range of adjustment is possible for the air intake. A robust steel screw makes for precise and easy adjustment (in contrast with the fragile plastic screw used on other burners).

  • The lock-out button on the control box also doubles as an ‘On’, ‘Off’ switch, which is a useful feature.


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